Benefits to Members

1. We provide the forum to members for collecting and disseminating information of business nature especially regulations, tariffs, opportunities for trade and other matters affecting local and foreign markets.

2. Through our Public Policy Advocacy, we represent our members’ interest to the Governments in order to get solution to their agitations.

3. Our Chamber’s Library is stocked with numerous Directories, Trade Journals and Periodicals from virtually every country in the world and it is available for members’ use on every working days.

4. We organize Seminars and Conferences to educate members on new business ideas, better technological skills, capacity building, business diversification and more business opportunities are opened to our members through these programmes.

5. We write letters of introduction for our members to facilitate their visa procurement for international travels or business trips.

6. Our Chamber issues Certificate of Origin at moderate charges to members exporting their products and it is also extended to non-members.

7. We render business mentoring and financial advisory services to our members for the growth and development of their individual business.

8. We render cooperative society services to our members through our registered Ibadan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Agric Trade Group Multipurpose Farmers Cooperative Society Limited.

9. We provide free internet services to our members to enable them search for business information or enquiries. We also search and disseminate information to members periodically.

10. We have series of publications which are relevant for reference and research works in investment potentials in Nigeria. Such publications include our Business Voice Magazine, monthly Newsletter, Chamber’s Annual Report, Seminar papers etc.

11. In the pursuit of our objectives, the Chamber is non-racial, non-sectarian, non-political and gender friendly.

12. As a member of the Ibadan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, you have networking opportunities with the major players in the economy within Ibadan, Oyo State and throughout Nigeria generally through members’ referral services.

13. We also provide information for trade promotions through participation in international trade fairs/exhibitions, trade missions and enquiries.

14. Our Chamber partners with tertiary institutions to promote acquisition of entrepreneurship skills, innovations for self-employment scheme after graduation.

15. We also collaborate with International Development Organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable economic developments in Nigeria through capacity building and access to finance for the benefit of our members.

16. You can benefit from The Ibadan Chamber of Commerce Agric Trade Group Cooperative Society Limited, an establishment that is set up for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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